Do Yu think Darvish No No bid was good or bad for him?

We all knew that Yu was the real deal after last year. Now he takes it to the next level with his no hit bid in game 2 for Texas. But, is 111 pitches in a pitchers first game of the season good? Not only is that a lot of pitches, they were high stress pitches as he tried to complete the no hitter.

I fear that this may hurt him as the season continues. The question then is do you sell high.  This pitch count was high for early in the season, however staying below that 120 pitch count is my biggest concern, normally.  I would hope that the Rangers will protect their investment and take it easy on him the next couple of outings.  Maybe even, use that 5th starter this week and give him the extra day off. If he goes over 100 pitches in the next couple of outings, then I would have concern.  More on the fact that they are not protecting him.  It gets hot in Texas in August, if pushed I fear his arm may melt.

I feel that ultimately the no hit bid is not good for him.  But, I expect there to be some level of protection by the Rangers.  So, I will climb on the fence here and wait to see what happens the next two starts.  Then decide good or bad. I’ll hold him for now.


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  1. chucka47

    85 Pitches tonight for Yu. They say blister, but I think it was also a good way to protect his arm. All and All it leads me to think there will be no long term problems for Darvish.

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