Thank God for bids I did not have the money to make

In my long time keeper league I was set on getting Moustakas as my third baseman.  I was out bid last year, but the price was to high for the owner to keep him.  I still liked the skill and new the weak second half would bring his price down.  I was thinking that this is chance to secure a possible long term third baseman at a great price.  As the auction went, I was short on money when Moustakas was called out.  Even then, I thought I could get him. He ended up going for an $8 bid which was more money then I could bid.  After losing out on Frazier to the same guy that got Moustakas, it was end game time.  That lead me to some Brave picks at third base.(Full disclosure, I am an Atlanta fan.)

I decided to use the deep bench we have in the league to get the Braves platoon.  I got Francisco and Johnson for $1 each at the end.  This league has daily changes and would allow me to follow the platoon.  If I would have had Moustakas at third base my line would be near his line for third base. (.158, 1, 0, 2, 0)  With my Brave platoon(as long as it lasted, as I have since dropped Johnson)  I have a combined line of 21/63 .333, 5, 3, 8, 0.  From Francisco, Johnson, and now Chisenhall.(I claimed him off waivers at $2)Note: I also bid $1 on Chisenhall and could not go $3.

So, Yes Frazier may have been better, but for now losing the bid on Moustakas has kept those .158 batting AVG. Mouse Tracks off my back.  Then losing Chisenhall to the dreaded 2 bid late in the auction allowed me to miss his bad start and pick him up at $2 when someone gave up on him way to soon.

I was very upset at my third base position leaving the auction, but that was only one of two mistakes I felt I made at the auction.  All and all I was very happy with my auction.  Missing on Moustakas does not hurt as much anymore.(Okay, I feel great about it now, since the same guy out bid me two years in a row.)

All this talk about Moustakas has me feeling hungry,  I think its time for a nice bowl of Mouse Tracks.

PS As I was getting ready to post this Francisco hit another HR!


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