Mock Draft

Well, a few weeks ago, I completed my first Mock draft (mock1 2013) of the year at .  This was standard scoring with the following  rosters;

Pos Starters Max
QB 2 2
RB 2 2
WR 3 3
TE 1 1
RB/WR/TE 1 1 (RB, TE, WR)
K 1 1
DEF 1 1
BENCH 5 5 (DEF, K, QB, RB, TE, WR)

I use a method of value over replacement player that has worked for me.  With this roster make up there is a higher premium on QB’s and WR’s.  Where in many leagues with only 1 QB and 2 WR  the value of RB’s is high.  This makes them fill most of round one and two picks.  Using my value over replacement method you now have to go much farther down the list to get your replacement values for QB and WR.  This greatly increases the difference in the top QB’s and WR’s verses their replacements.  Anyone drafting from a magazine list may be at a great disadvantage.  When playing in any league format matters in building your draft strategy.

I picked 10th out of 10 teams.

Pick 10  QB Cam Newton, CAR  – I like Cam as a high point man from the QB position, with hopes that he has just enough experience this year to break out.

Pick 11  WR A.J. Green, CIN – Green stand far and above all WR not named Clavin Johnson

Pick 30  RB Maurice Jones-Drew, JAX – Look for a bounce back year from MJD

Pick 31  QB Andrew Luck, IND – I expect growth from an already fine QB

Pick 50  RB DeMarco Murray, DAL – RB are slim here

Pick 51  WR Michael Crabtree, SF – Showed signs of his first round talent last year, I expect him to show more this year.

Pick 70  TE Vernon Davis, SF – Okay this may be a stretch for Vernon,  he was my favorite TE still out there and wanted to secure him

Pick 71  WR Torrey Smith, BAL – Due to lack of RB I want for more depth at WR Smith is a good wild card here

Pick 90 RB Jonathan Stewart, CAR – I needed RB’s with next too picks

Pick 91  RB Vick Ballard, IND

Pick 110  TE Greg Olsen, CAR

Pick 111  QB Jake Locker, TEN – I think I should have found a better back up  earlier with Newton’s plauying style.

Pick 130 TE Jared Cook, STL

Pick 131  WR Denarius Moore, OAK – Looked for a lottery ticket with this pick

Pick 150  K Justin Tucker, BAL – K and Defense last. As always there is not a great point difference with these positions.  WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!

Pick 151   DEF Detroit Lions, DET

All tolled my numbers show Mike Gottlieb ‏ @SportsByGotti having the best starting line up.  There are then several of us close for second but my numbers have my team as second for starting line up.  I also show my team as having the best total points.  Neither of these can be sure to show the best team at years end.  Picking line ups and match ups is huge.



  1. Anonymous

    wouldn’t bother drafting locker at all. rather look on the waiver wire then have locker just burning a hole in the bench. same with olsen. no need for a second TE as all of the low end TE’s are the same value wise

    • Anonymous

      I think the issue is with 2 QB league and 10 teams the waiver wire would be very limited with 30 QBs drafted. TE would be my first drop to makw a waiver wire claim.

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck with that team. I only play 2QB leagues and with that team you will never make it to the playoffs in my league. You are way too slim at RB, you have 3 TEs that dont add up to 1. To be honest the only guy I like in your entire team (based on draft position value) is AJ Green. Crabtree tore his Achilles so do not expect much if anything at all from him this season.

    I foresee 9th place trophy for you unless you pull a few miracles on the waiver wire.

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