2013 RB Fantasy Rankings 1-12


  1.  Adrian Peterson –  I always have felt that Peterson was an injury risk.  But, last year he was able to heal quicker than anyone thought was possible from an ACL tear.(http://hofsportstalk.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/the-acl-injury-and-why-is-it-so-bad/)  Then he did not just play, he was incredible.  He ran for 2,097 yards.  Rewarding all those fantasy players who took a risk on him last year.  His owners in keeper leagues will be rewarded again this year.  However, he should be the #1 pick in all single year leagues.  This means that you better be picking first if you want to get him.
  2. Doug Martin – What a rookie season for Martin.  He had over 1400 yards rushing, 49 Receptions, over 400 yards receiving, and 12 total TDs.  He has a good situation in Tampa to repeat these numbers. In the end I could see upwards of 2000 combined yards and 14 TDs.  His ADP is 5.8 currently at ESPN (http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/livedraftresults). I would have no problem taking him #2 overall.  If you can get him at picks 3 through 6  or later, the other owners did you a favor.  Run up to the board and place Martin on your team with a big smile.
  3. Arian Foster – Many have Foster at # 2 in their rankings.  ESPN has his ADP at 2.9.  I have 1 big problem with this ranking.  His Receptions have gone from 66 in 2010, to 53 in 2011, and 40 in 2012.  His Receiving yards also have dropped from over 600 in 2010 and 2011 to just 217 last year.  That is a huge drop in value.  He has been consistent in Rushing yards and TDs. So, I still need to give him credit for that.  He is a good safe early first round pick.
  4. C.J. Spiller – I have been a big C.J. fan for years.  Up to last year I had little to show for my man crush on Spiller. He was finally given the opportunity last year and he made the best of it. He should take it to the next level this year with a new coach and new system.  I like him #4 overall.  His ADP at Mock Draft Central (http://www.mockdraftcentral.com/report_adp.jsp) shows I am not the only one with a crush on C.J.  His ADP is 3.64.  That means he may not even be there at #4.  If he is grab him.
  5. Trent Richardson – I want Richardson here for several reasons. First, he had a good start to his career last year and proved he could find the end zone.  Second, he had 51 receptions last year and even if that just stays stable its a great number from your RB. Third, If he can keep from being nicked up his overall numbers will improve.  I like him 6th overall behind Megatron.
  6. Jamaal Charles – What a year he had after ACL surgery.  Maybe, he should be higher on this list when you see he has 5.8 YPC in his career.  Yea, nobody has a better YPC than him.  His ADP’s put him in the area of the 7th pick.  I have no problem with that.  I like everyone above him here but, I would have no issue if someone took him above Richardson.
  7. Marshawn Lynch – Lynch is in a good situation in Seattle.  He has shown durability the last 3 years after having some injury issues early in his career.  A safe consistent pick.
  8. Ray Rice – One of the best duel threat guys in the league.  He has had 60 plus receptions in every year except his rookie season.  You will not see any drop in those reception numbers and maybe even an increase with Pitta out for the season.  His stock may rise as we see how the Ravens will make up for the lost of their possession receiver.
  9. Alfred Morris – If Rice is the Duel threat guy, Morris is the exact opposite of that.  Lets hope he improves on the 11 receptions he had his rookie year.  Even if he does not improve that number he is a solid first round option. As long as a certain coach, does not start some practice squad guy over him.
  10. LeSean McCoy – Shady McCoy had a rough season last year.  Lets face it the Eagles had a rough season last year.  I look for a bounce back year with Chip Kelly taking over the reins. McCoy is a perfect fit for what we perceive to be Chips offensive scheme.  Late first round is a good time to gamble on a return to form for LeSean.
  11. Chris Johnson – All he does is put up 1000 plus yards every year. Yes, he will never have a 2000 yard season again. He may not be a sexy pick, but he will not hurt you either. That is why he is here in the beginning of the second round.
  12. Steven Jackson – Here we are again with this pick.  All Jackson does is run for over 1000 yards every year.  Jackson has seen some decline in his numbers. He also was playing for some bad teams.  Maybe Jackson is rejuvenated now that he is on a good team.  On the other hand, he is now on the wrong side of 30.  He may be a high risk, high reward pick.

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