Fantasy RB 13-24


13. Maurice Jones-Drew – Bounce  Back year for MJD.  His biggest hill to climb is the lack of offensive options for the Jags.  With that said they will lean on MJD and he will return to form this year.

14. Steven Ridley – No reason to believe that Ridley can’t repeat last years numbers, as long as NE stays with Ridley as they did last year.

15. Matt Forte – I like Forte, but not as much as many others.  So ranking him here means I will not own him this year.  My issue is that Bush gets all the goal line action.  However, PPR leagues should move him up to top 12 RB.

16. Frank Gore – The Question here is, How much gas is left in Gore’s Tank?  He is the main man in SF so if there is fuel in the tank he will be a good RB2 option.

17. DeMarco Murray – Injury concerns are the reason for this ranking.  A healthy Murray could be a top 12 back.  Draft and hope for health. Then go get a quality RB3 just in case.

18. David Wilson – Should be the man in NYG backfield.  However, watch how he and Andre Brown are used in the preseason.  Also, Handcuff Brown if you can.

19.  Reggie Bush – Now with the Lions and reported to be a key part of their offense this year.  Could be a nice sleeper for you.  PPR leagues should be drooling!

20. Darren McFadden – See DeMarco Murray

21.  Ryan Mathews –  For you Fantasy Focus listeners this is for you.  Mathews has been my fantasy kryptonite.  He should be better, but injuries and the fact he has not proven it makes him a risky RB2.

22. Montee Ball – Rookie, Skill, good offense, but can he protect Manning is the question.  If he can, he will be a top 12 RB.   However, he will not be on the field if he can not pick up the blocks in pass protection.  Great upside, at 22 ranked RB.

23. Le’Veon Bell – Rookie #2.  I feel that his upside is not as high as Balls.  His path to carries seems to be clearer.  He is a good fit for the Steelers.

24.  Darren Sproles – He is a RB by name, but a receiver is his job.  PPR league should take him as a strong RB2.  Non PPR leagues should not look at rushing totals.  They should look at the whole man and see someone who is a favorite target for an elite QB on a passing team.


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