Catcher Rankings

1. Buster Posey
      He should have plenty PA with the new Posey rule in effect to help protect him from injury.  This is not to mention the fact that the Giants seem to find ways to keep his bat in the line up by utilizing him at first base and DH in interleague play.  So you can expect non typical PA for a Catcher from Posey.  This makes him my top catcher this year.

2. Carlos Santana
     Santana is another candidate who will have a high PA total for a Catcher as the Indians used him at first base and DH last year.  Now there is even talk of putting him at third base.  I am not sure how that will work out but it shows their commitment to get him to the plate. 

3. Joe Mauer
     It may be the last year we can list Mauer under the catcher section.  This is good news for this year, however he does not have the power to be a top level first baseman. With that said his double digit home runs and .300 plus average and counting stats look great at catcher.  Lets hope that they find him 20 games at catcher so he can continue to help fantasy owners fill their catcher spot.

4. Yadier Molina
     If we were talking about real baseball he would be the top catcher no doubt!  However, this is fake baseball and he still is a guy you want.  They have to beg him to come out of the line up.  He has a very good line up around him that combined with a plus .300 average and double digit power will give you good counting stats from a catcher.

5. Jonathan Lucroy
     Hitting his prime years Lucroy could have breakout potential.   He has upside of 20 home runs and .300 average. I could see him ending the year as the top catcher. He has hit .320 in 2012 and had 18 HR last year.  He is a good value as the fifth catcher.

6. Brian McCann
     If he can stay healthy he should be a great fit for the Yankees.   He hit 20 plus homer runs for 6 staight years in Atlanta.  With the change in scenery he may approach 30 Home runs.  If you wait and can get McCann late he is a steal.

7. Wilin Rosario
     There is a lot to love about Wilin, power, average, and Colorado.   But, wait he had just a 1% bb rate in the second half! This does not make me feel very comfortable as we’ve seen this kind of plate discipline wreck a guys potential. [See Francoeur]  If he can not find a way to take a walk it could lead to a major step back. I will avoid him this year but, I understand why some will take the chance.

8. Matt Wieters
     He has had 20 plus home runs the last three years, but his batting average and obp have not been impressive.   He shows the ability to improve and catchers are often late bloomers. So he is a good choice if you miss out on top catchers or wait till late in single catcher leagues.

9. Salvador Perez
     If you are looking for a breakout candidate Sal may be your man.  He is young enough to take the next step, has shown the skills, and I think it is only a matter of time till he breaks out.   He has the ability to hit .300 with 20 plus bombs.

10 Wilson Ramos
     He could be a top catcher if he could stay on the field.  16 round trippers in under 300 at bats. With his good contact rate he could be an average helper, too. In single catcher leagues he is a great option as there will be good options on the free agent list if he can’t stay on the field.

11. Evan Gattis
     El oso blanco forced his way into 354 at bats.  The Braves let McCann walk so he will have a shot at 400 to 500 at bats and maybe more if the use him in left field again.   Be aware that the Braves brought in Doumit and have Bethancourt climbing the organizatioal ladder.   One or both may steal PA from the white bear. He is a great story and carries a big stick so 20 to 30 home runs are possible. We will see if he can handle the role or if he will end up chasing odd jobs again.


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