Some losses are bigger

I have played fantasy football and baseball for over 20 years.  I have had plenty of wins and losses in that time.  I have been commissioner or co-commissioner of leagues.  I have had the task to replace owners who have quit the league or even those that we did not ask back. But, today I lost a friend and a good owner in my football league.

Ed was a good guy, the kind of guy that could make you laugh in a heartbeat.  He was a friend long before I started this league.  We worked together for several years in the Hanover fire department.  He loved the cowboys and always went the extra buck for their players. Ed had a great spirit no matter what hand he was dealt.  I know, we played a lot of poker, too.  But, he had several tough hands dealt to him in life. He always handled them better than I think I could have.  He fought hard and deserves a rest. I hope he is at peace now.

How do you replace an owner that has been there from the beginning?  How do you have someone take over his team? So many questions. But, the real ones are always, why him? Why now?  I do not have those answers right now. I hope I will someday.  All I know is, Ed’s family, friends, and even his fantasy football league have taken a great loss today.


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